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Plastic Surgery Procedures, Reconstructive > Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer, in all its varieties, is the most common neoplasm observed in individuals.

The exposure to the sun is considered being an important risk factor in the development of these cancers.

Basal Cell carcinoma and Squamous Cell carcinoma are the two most common types.

They both are localized cancers with a tendency to grow deeper and wider if left untreated.

Squamous cell has a very small incidence of lymph node spreading but basal cell does not.

Melanoma is a much more aggressive cancer with a clear possibility of spreading to lymph nodes and distal organs.

For this reason is treated more aggressively with a more radical local resection, associated, when indicated, by sampling of lymph node, the so called 'sentinel node biopsy', draining the area involved by melanoma.

A more complete removal of the lymph nodes of the involved area is usually performed if the sentinel node is involved by the melanoma.

Treatment of melanoma requires at times the use of further therapy following the surgery which is administered by a specialized oncologist.

At the time of your initial office consultation, Dr. Fusi will discuss is great detail the procedure, associated risks and postoperative recovery.

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