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Plastic Surgery Procedures, Reconstructive > Breast Implants

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life changing event. Being told your treatment consists of a mastectomy is earth shattering. Dr. Fusi and his staff understand what you are going through and continue to offer you the most advanced breast reconstruction methods to date.

Breast cancer struck more than 178,000 American women & more than 2,000 American men in the year 2007*. When a mastectomy becomes part of the treatment plan, you should know that there have been great strides in breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction after a Mastectomy - Breast Implants

Breast reconstruction is frequently performed immediately following a mastectomy.

Breast implant reconstruction is a three-stage procedure.

The first stage is characterized by the initial use of a so-called tissue expander, which is an implant that is progressively inflated during subsequent office visits. It aims to stretch the skin to the desired volume.

The second stage, which is performed on an outpatient basis, consists of the replacement of this expander with a permanent prosthesis. At times the opposite breast might require readjustments in the way of reductions or lifts to better create symmetry between the two breasts.

The third stage, which is not required, is performed on an outpatient basis and consists of the restoration of the nipple and areola.

Dr. Fusi spends a substantial amount of time during the consultation to assist the patient in selecting the best option based on the individual's specific diagnosis and relevant circumstances.

At the time of your initial office consultation, Dr. Fusi will discuss is great detail the procedure, associated risks and postoperative recovery.


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